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Soaking up Summer

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I can't believe school is back in a few weeks!

You probably just swore in your head at me "F off Chelsie we know!! Please don't remind us" But... hear me out!!

I kind of like that scare of THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF SUMMER. It kicks our asses in gear to go do as many things as we can to soak it up. I have so many things on my list!

Some of our favourite activities this summer have been:

  • Calgary Zoo - We are getting Polar bears next year!!!!

  • Park Hopping around Airdrie

  • Rally in the Rockies - Bike Show at the Airdrie Airpark

  • Airdrie Show n' Shine

  • And who can forget the trampoline with a sprinkler!!!

I would love to hear your summer highlights, What was your favourite part of summer??



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