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Let's Talk Family Sessions


Look, I know booking a family session can be daunting and bring some fears. From posing or looking awkward or if you have kids the big question.. what if they turn into a** Holes. Pardon my French but let's be real we all have bad days and kids are no different. I have two kids ages 4 & 2 and let me tell you, your kids will not surprise me or hurt my feelings if this is something they are not happy to come out and do.

Over the first couple years I tried to get the "perfect" shot of everyone looking and smiling, I very quickly learned if the kids aren't having fun they are going to make my job harder and probably stress you out.

So that being said leave your stress right here! I got this!

Let them play! Let them be themselves! Make it fun for them and let them do some funny weird poses or run around. And when it is time I will make my request for a nice smile and we will get that wall photo. It is all give and take! But I can honestly tell you, you will most likely love the more authentic photos more. I am here to capture your family for who they are and not what instagram or Pinterest says they should be.

My youngest showed up to family pictures this year with two bruises on his forehead and I had no intention of having her adjust the photos or trying to cover them up. He is our bruiser...literally, and to be honest the kid is so clumsy he will probably have bruises for all our family photos. I am 100% ok with that!

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