The Heart and Soul Behind it all...


Hey Friend, 

I am a Family, Maternity, Newborn Lifestyle Photographer located in Airdrie, AB. I have a passion for captivating people in their element and making them feel comfortable in front of the lens. I have recently added Lifestyle branding to my portfolio and I am absolutely in love with this part of my business. 

I am all about authenticity and showcasing who people are. I cultivate happy memories and capture you making memories and experiences... I want you to look at the photos and feel the warmth of the sun, imagine the smell of the coffee or the softness of a newborn. Photos are the one thing in this world we get to leave behind for our children's, children's children and I want them to be able to feel as thought they know the person in the photo by capturing their personality.


I have always loved giving back to our community so I encourage you to check out my Perpetual Happiness program. A portion of all my revenue goes towards our community and impacting a special person or family. Book your session with me to be a part of it and nominate someone you think needs that extra boost!

Just in case you need some fun facts about me:

  • I actually enjoy cleaning my house.....

  • I dont like things in my soup... haha if its not a creamy puree I will pass

  • I am a frequent pantry snacker

  • I am really clutsy and miraculously haven't broken any bones

  • I am terrible at playing Catch HAHA. (my friends and family love to test this theory and then laugh with me as I attempt the least graceful miss)

  • I have a banana buying problem so I end up with 30 bananas in my freezer every couple months. But then we all get the most delicious banana bread EVER!!!

  • My perfect night includes either some NETFLIX bingeing or playing board/card games

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