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The Heart and Soul Behind it all...

Chelsie Schmidt Airdrie Photographer

Alyse Lakeman Photography

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Hey Friend, 

I am a Lifestyle Photographer located in Airdrie, AB. I have a passion for captivating people in their element and making them feel comfortable in front of the lens. I offer various services including Family Photography, Maternity and Newborn Photography, Wedding and Couple Photography as well as Entrepreneur Branding Photography. 

My first run in with photography was when I was 8 years old and I snapped a photo on a camping trip with my bestie...USING A DISPOSABLE CAMERA!!!! Before you judge, it was the 90's, so it was a much different time then. I took my photos after developing them to show my grandma my trip. She came across this gorgeous sunset landscape photo which was perfectly framed over looking the lake. She asked for a copy, and entered it into a photo contest.. and I freaking won it!!!! I honestly thought that it was just a lucky shot.


Fast forward about 10 years, just after high school my friend was doing journalism at SAIT and asked me if I could help her with her camera.... I can be the "techy" one sometimes. ( if you don't believe me ask my Mother in law!) Anyways, I went on her assignments during her first year and essentially did all the photos while she did the captioning. We made an excellent team! Somehow I still didn't get the hint that this was what I was supposed to do. 

5 years after that the universe sent me another nudge... third times a charm right?!?!? My sister in law asked if I could attempt using her camera to take their family photos. I said "Oh Sure, I can probably figure it out" and BOOM! it hit me this time. THIS is what I am supposed to do for the rest of my life, THIS fulfills my soul. So I saved up for my first DSLR and practiced, and practiced, and practiced until my friends were probably sick of being my test subjects. Once I felt more comfortable and felt It was time to show this to the world I integrated my photography into my Wedding Planning business. That didn't last long when I discovered where my heart was.


I owe the courage this took to my friends and family for unconditionally loving me, and listening to me talk endlessly about my dream. Ultimately, it was a conversation I had with Janine Deanna Photography during a wedding showcase I designed in Red Deer that pushed me! She didn't even know me and she believed in me and my dream, she just told me to go for it! So here I am cultivating and growing my dream!

I am all about authenticity and showcasing who people are. I cultivate happy memories and capture you making memories and experiences... I want you to look at the photos and feel the warmth of the sun, imagine the smell of the coffee or the softness of a newborn. Photos are the one thing in this world we get to leave behind for our children's, children's children and I want them to be able to feel as if they knew the person in the photo by capturing their personality.

Just in case you need some fun facts about me:

  • I actually enjoy cleaning my house.....

  • I dont like things in my soup... no chunks or noodles please!

  • I have a banana buying problem so I end up with 30 bananas in my freezer every couple months. But then we all get the most delicious banana bread EVER!!!

  • I love spending my free time with family and friends making memories. Even better when we are outdoors soaking up beautiful weather

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