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Christmas is Creepin up... REAL EFFIN QUICK

Where has the year gone! And I am totally not ready for Christmas!

Christmas Minis are wrapped up and OH MY LANTA, they did not dissapoint!

I am struggling to get into the Christmas Spirit this year, maybe it is that we haven't had any snow yet, or maybe its this virus that shall not be named.

I have never been one to let something get me down and it sure as hell isn't going to be happening this year! Tomorrow is the big day! I am setting up the Christmas tree and putting on the tunes (not Christmas but probably Eric Church because I am OBSESSED or maybe Adele's New album because I have heard it is amazing). Hell I might even bake something. And I am going to get the supplies I need for this years book club Christmas Gifts.

What do you do to kick off the Christmas spirit? Also please send me all your favourite Christmas recipes!


Before I let you go. I want to share a very special family with you!

This family lost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! So I had to do something to brighten up their lives. I am pretty even keeled when it comes to my emotions...but I cried leaving this session read here for what it took to get me there.

If you are still with me! Thank you for being here along this journey with me, I am so grateful for my little community of likeminded people. Also these newsletters are very personal to me as I always feel like I am exposing a bit of my heart each time and it feels very vulnerable. I am not much for sharing personal things on social media outside of my photography but I am learning to use my voice on these platforms.

XOXO Chelsie

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