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I am so happy you are here to join me on this journey

I am so happy you are here to join me on this journey. I am truly hoping this brings you joy and happiness as well as hopefully some laughs. I am looking forward to sharing parts of my life with you, maybe some fun recipes, projects, or an amazing book I have read. Heck! I may just share some silly embarrassing moment in my day. I hope to keep you updated on the perpetual happiness program, and any upcoming session dates. Being a Wife, mom, full time employee, and running this little side hustle it gets to be crazy! No matter what I want to continue this photography journey I am on; It fills my soul with happiness.

So come along and join me for all the fun! I promise these newsletters will not bombard you and make you want to unsubscribe.

This month is so exciting! We have decided to start many adventures Camping! Our kids are so pumped for adventures and it is soooo good to unplug for a couple days and really invest our time in our family. More updates and photos to come follow along on Instagram!

Don't forget to get your nominations in for 2021's Perpetual Happiness Recipient! Anyone who makes an impact in your life in a positive way that deserves something to bring them joy! Click below to nominate someone today!

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