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Lets just start by saying I think Willow is my most favourite name for a little girl. And boy oh boy does it suit her, she is so soft and sweet with eyes that hug you from a mile away. Willows journey started a little earlier than Jason and Melissa (Willows amazing parents) had expected, but she is perfection she had some obstacles to start but I am writing this months after she was born and she is amazing!!!

When Melissa booked me I naturally checked her out on Facebook and saw that she is a medium... I was so excited because if she picked me... I must be special enough to even be on her radar. I showed up to the session with only pink for props and swaddles and blankets. I usually bring a variety of tones and colours to suit the home or the taste of the parents... I looked at what I had brought as I pulled up to the house and thought to myself.... OH MY GOODNESS all I brought was pink what if she hates pink. I look over at the house and low and behold they have a pink door. I still swear that Melissa just sent me secret messages to tell me pink is all I needed. You can think I am nuts that is fine with me!! 

When I came into their home the energy was amazing and I felt welcomed. I finally met someone who giggles as much as me. I have never in all my sessions witnessed a little baby as loved as Willow, Jason and Melissa are #goals they are infatuated with each other and make such an amazing team. I encourage you to check out Melissa for a reading, I had one recently and it was amazing!! Enough of my blabbering check out these pics you will feel the presence of unconditional love just by looking at them. 

Click here to check her out!

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