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I'm BACK!!!

What a gorgeous summer it has been so far!

I have been a little quiet around here... as some of you may know I have had a bit of a hiccup in my health that started almost two years ago and really amped up in severity in January.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with a rare condition called IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). I have a long way to go yet in this health journey but I am happy to say I am FINALLY opening up my books a little bit... and just in time for the late summer and fall. ( I will still be limiting what I take on so be sure to book in quick to guarantee your spot!)

I am so excited to get back at it, this is another positive step towards getting things back to "Normal".

Thank you for the mountains of support I have received, especially those who went out of their way to come and just sit with me while I was figuring out how to navigate through this. YOU ARE THE REAL MVP's!!!

I also want to create a space for anyone that is having a hard time in any situation where you feel like you have lost your previous self no matter the reason you got to that point. You can contact me at any time for someone to lean on and I will do my best to support you in anyway I can.

Can't wait to see all your gorgeous faces in front of my lens!!!

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