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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In 2020 we were all faced with this new world and it has come with some intense challenges even for those who would be classified as "stable." 

The inspiration for this idea is "The LePage Family" which will be our first Perpetuating Happiness Program Recipients. Sloane LePage is the sweetest little girl that goes to the same day home as my boys. At 3.5 Years old she was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a navel orange, my world was rocked by this news. I cried for days thinking about her family and couldn't even begin to imagine the profound sadness, worry, and stress they must be going through. 

After many sleepless nights feeling helpless, how can I help? what can I do to make their days a little easier? and a little brighter? I decided to create a beautiful gift of kindness to those most deserving through my love of photography. 

Introducing the Perpetuating Happiness Program. I want to start the first year by honouring Sloane and her family as the first recipients... since they are my inspiration. Let's not end this here! Each year I'd like to gift this program to someone who truly deserves it. This is not just for families that are faced with this type of hardship, but a family or someone with a story that moves me and makes my heart skip a beat. This will be open to absolutely anyone; your neighbour who spends all their spare time volunteering at the food bank , your uncle who inspired you and encouraged you when no one did, the friend who never hesitated to drop everything just to make you feel good. This is not a one size fits all program. The only requirement is that they are truly deserving and don't forget to keep the nominations coming in. 

I know you are probably thinking get on with it.. what are the perks?? and how does this help?? 

Simple, I will personally donate a percentage of each session to the sponsored person or a charity of their choice. They will be gifted 3 (1 Hour sessions) for the year with yours truly! Every time you book a session with me, you are not just getting your family pictures but positively impacting someone who needs/deserves it. 

It's time for me to give back and brighten up our worlds and make an impact on someone's life first hand, I could just take the tax break and donate to an amazing charity but thats just not enough, I want to directly impact lives and make their world brighter with my love and my photography. Join me on this journey of brightening the world and making this just a little better one person at a time. **The recipient may receive the money if it is fitting to the situation to give financial relief or the money will be donated to a charity of their choice.* 

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