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Natalie Berthiaume Real Estate

Natalie Berthiaume Real Estate Group is absolutely phenomenal. I have been lucky enough to have trusted Natalie with all of our Real Estate needs and she holds so much professionalism in everything she does. I am also lucky to call this Boss Babe my friend. 

She is so much more than a Real Estate Guru! She is also an incredible cook, avid reader, ridiculously smart and has a one of a kind sense of humour. 

This session meant so much to me, not only did all of the funds go to the Perpetual Happiness Program but I got to be right with her capturing her not posing but non stop working and on the phone. I have always had a great respect for REALTOR®s but I have an immense amount of respect for her work ethic. During one of the craziest times in Real Estate she has always kept an even keel to her. She never stresses she just does what she needs to do and takes care of her clients, even when it means working 18 hours a day just to get it done with a big smile on her face. 

This amazing woman is always going the extra mile and making sure she celebrates and empowers women in business locally. Check out her "Women in Airdrie Killin it" on Facebook. 

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