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Nash Kohut

Oh Mr. Nash you my little buddy are one of a kind. You are the cutest little dude with the BEST hair. Ashley and Scott are the coolest parents minus Scotts choice of hockey teams ... the Colorado Avalanche.. **eye roll**

Nash got his awesome name from the latest great show "The Flash". Not only does he have the coolest name but he is named after a character from DC Comics which I can appreciate having a few Batman fans in our house. 

Ashley and I have gotten to know each other through our husbands and she became my hair stylist and is a blonde magician! Soon our friendship blossomed into book club buddies, wine buddies and so much more. She seems innocent but she has the best sense of humour and always catches me off guard with her jokes. Nash has the sweetest big sister Finley who has had a mothering nature about her since the day she could hold a doll. She is going to be the best big sister to the cute little Nash. 

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