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Merv & Mona Giles

This session is so near and dear to my heart! Meet the humans that created YOURS TRULY!!

That's right these people right here are my parents, but this was not just any ordinary session that I dragged them out to do. 

My dad and I LOVE planning surprises and we thought, Hey! lets treat mom to the most special day. We had her bestie take her out shopping and force her to buy a dress a couple weeks before with not one clue what the heck for,  she knew at that point my dad was up to something. My dad snuck the dress and shoes to my house for safe keeping and she didn't even notice he had taken it! Amazing right! You think that is sweet just you wait.... we booked her in with my favourite Make up artist Bogdana Miron of Artistry by Bobi for a make over. 

Here is how this perfect day turned out...So my mom and dad came down to Airdrie for a visit with us and my dad told my mom they had to step out to do an errand and she was a bit confused but she went along with it. When she got in the truck to go "run an errand" we snuck some roses into the truck. My dad drove her to Bobi's and dropped her off where she would be greeted with more roses and a bottle of wine, and her dress was there waiting! Once ready my dad picked her up and had changed out of his regular clothes and had dressed up. 

They took a little drive in the country side and landed at their farm where their first home they built was and got into the side by side. I can begin to imagine what was going through her head, all dressed up and we are going to 4 X 4?!? I snuck out ahead of them and placed a bottle of wine 3 glasses and more roses. He took her out to this very special land that was passed down from my granddad and where some scenes of Legends of the Fall were filmed! And there they met up with me and my camera!

So if you need your husband/boyfriend to step it up a notch and be a romantic just show them this post and I will help arrange ALL the details ;)

My parents are the hardest working people I ever met and I am so grateful I have them as role models. After almost 35 years of marriage these are the first professional pictures they have since their wedding day and I am beyond honoured to capture this for them. 

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