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Little Queen Bee

Officially my favourite theme ever. So original and sooooo cute. 

This session was from back in the times when I had a studio in my house, and some days I really miss it. It really makes these themes so much better. Layla is the sweetest little girl and she has the most gorgeous curls. Her mom is one of those amazing moms that has it all together. She works as a nurse, bakes the most amazing goodies, has amazing style and serves up the best latte's. Not to mention she is so incredibly kind and sweet! I am lucky to have her in my life!

Cake Smash-3.JPG
Cake Smash-12.JPG
Cake Smash-23.JPG
Cake Smash-7.JPG
Cake Smash-29.JPG
Cake Smash-16.JPG
Cake Smash-41.JPG
Cake Smash-20.JPG
Cake Smash-40.JPG
Cake Smash-36.JPG
Cake Smash-4.JPG
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