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Hoan & Erin's Wedding

I have always wanted to experience and non western wedding ceremony. I felt so privileged to be a part of this day not only because I love and adore Hoan and Erin but because their love is so special. 

The best love stories start at an amazing restaurant. No it wasn't on their first date but Hoan owned the best restaurant Airdrie has ever had, Hayloft. Sweet little Erin came in looking for a part time job while she started her career in teaching, these two fell madly in love instantly! Hoan is a teacher and was out taking a leap to pursue his dream, little did he know his dream was about to become more than he could have imagined. 

I worked for Hoan at the time of their wedding and I was so lucky to be a part of capturing this day for them. From an amazing Vietnamese Tea ceremony which you will see in the photos being blessed in front of their ancestors. For a small intimate gathering it was one of the most moving moments. I LOVE that they incorporated both of their heritages. We moved from the traditional Vietnamese Ceremony to get Erin ready for the western ceremony. I want to stop for just a moment to point out one of the reasons I adore Erin so much, not only does she embrace Hoan's family and his heritage in the most graceful way but she is so down to earth. She did her own hair and make up, with her mom and sister with her and no big spectacle. She is truly one of a kind and I am so lucky to know her!

After the ceremonies we went out to where the magic happened with the surprise engagement at Big Hill Springs Park. I just want you to stop and imagine something for a second. Photographer 8 Months pregnant in + 35 and hiking up to the top of Big Hill Springs Provincial park. No I am not talking on the trail... right to where they got engaged, which is on the North side with a super steep hill that over looks the park. Hoan was not gonna let me do this massive climb... but We had to get up there and capture them where they got engaged. So I was bound and determined to make it happen. We made it and it was 100% worth it... I will let the pictures show for themselves...

Naturally we popped in to the restaurant where it all started after formals. If you had the privilege of eating here you know how dreamy and amazing it was!

Tea Ceremony-1.JPG
Tea Ceremony-12.JPG
Tea Ceremony-41.JPG
Tea Ceremony-67.JPG
Tea Ceremony-69.JPG
Tea Ceremony-62.JPG
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Tea Ceremony-66.JPG
Tea Ceremony-89.JPG
Tea Ceremony-84.JPG
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Today a bride-31.JPG
Today a bride-40.JPG
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Today a bride-28.JPG
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Two become one-62.JPG
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