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VanBavel, VanRy & Moore Family

As you may notice I have all these special cultivated relationships and I am all about sharing them with the world. 

This one in particular is so special to me. This was my second family, Richard and Sharon always welcomed me into their home with endless sleepovers... Even on School Nights when my Best Friend Ashley and I had early morning Cheerleading practice. They fed me countless dinners, took me on family camping trips and I am pretty sure Nicole did some liquor runs for Ashley and I before we were able to on our own. 

I could probably write a book of memories that I just hold with this family. Ashley is another ride or die friend of mine and Before I get all sappy I will warn you I would jump in front of a train for her. She is so solid and has always carried a place in my heart that will only be for her. She was my maid of honour in my wedding and really if we are being honest I am the one who is so honoured to have her as a part of my life. She is one of those friends that I will be going for walks with our walkers drinking spiced and coke right to the very end. 

Also they are technically my family, after Ashley and I became instant besties we discovered we share an aunt, uncle and two cousins. I am so lucky to have them XOXO

Location: Confederation Park - Calgary,  AB

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