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Butterfield Family

Introducing my bestie! she is my ride or die and these kids of hers I love like they are my own. I don't know if I have ever met someone that I could count on as much as her. When I met my husband he came with an amazing group of friends, little did I know the bonds I would get to have with them.

We usually stick close to the Calgary area for their family pictures but this time we decided to venture out to Quarry lake which has not only stunning views of the mountains but some of the best little hidden gems in the forest area. I could explore this park for weeks and never stop finding the most amazing spots. 

Cole (their oldest son) and I chatted a ton about how there could be bears and lots of wildlife and how important it was that we remember this is their home and we need to make sure we respect it. Every couple minutes we would be walking and Cole would ask me..." Aunty Chelsie do you think bears sleep here??" 

I treasure these memories more than anything and I love that I have been able to capture this family year after year.

Butterfield 2020-21.jpg
Butterfield 2020-28.jpg
Butterfield 2020-101.jpg
Butterfield 2020-70.jpg
Butterfield 2020-60.jpg
Butterfield 2020-59.jpg
Butterfield 2020-5.jpg
Butterfield 2020-18.jpg
Butterfield 2020-129.jpg
Butterfield 2020-119.jpg
Butterfield 2020-196.jpg
Butterfield 2020-160.jpg
Butterfield 2020-177.jpg
Butterfield 2020-189.jpg
Butterfield 2020-192.jpg
Butterfield 2020-216.jpg
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