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Alena & Kyle's Mountain Maternity

When Alena reached out and send I am sneaking out to Alberta for Maternity pictures with you. I jumped up and down and probably screamed with excitement. COVID was just starting to seem as if it was looking up and one of my favourite people just called to say she was coming all the way from Ontario for pictures. 

I insisted we head out to the mountains, I am so glad we did!

We went out to one of my favourite spots Quarry Lake, Alberta. 

With her living so far away and moving shortly after her and Kyle got together so this was the perfect day! I got to know him and I am so happy to see someone take care of her and love her the way she deserves. True love is hard to find and they are so lucky to have found it. 

Alena has since had her sweet little Clare and she is the most amazing mom! she is so attentive and loves little Clare so much! I cannot wait until COVID goes away and they can bring little Clare here so we can snuggle her and I can capture some amazing pictures of her. 

Location: Quarry Lake, Alberta

Mountain Maternity-22.JPG
Mountain Maternity-15.JPG
Mountain Maternity-149.JPG
Mountain Maternity-42.JPG
Mountain Maternity-26.JPG
Mountain Maternity-79.JPG
Mountain Maternity-23.JPG
Mountain Maternity-166.JPG
Mountain Maternity-36.JPG
Mountain Maternity-25.JPG
Mountain Maternity-160.JPG
Mountain Maternity-84.JPG
Mountain Maternity-175.JPG
Mountain Maternity-167.JPG
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